A manual sprayer is a handheld device that allows you to apply liquid materials in a controlled manner. It can be used to apply pesticides, fertilizers, or cleaning solutions. They typically consist of a reservoir for the liquid, a pump mechanism to pressurize the liquid, and a nozzle for directing the spray. Manual sprayers are commonly used in gardening and agriculture, as well as for cleaning and maintenance tasks. They can be powered by manual pumping action or by batteries.

Handheld industrial construction sprayers are used in a variety of chemical applications. Here are some of the most important features and benefits of handheld sprayers:
1. EASY TO USE: The industrial construction sprayer is portable and easy to carry, and can carry up to 3.5 gallons of any chemical.
2. Supports Multiple Chemicals: The industrial-grade sprayer can withstand multiple chemicals, including oil, oil-based sealers, diesel, water, water-based sealers, acid stains, hydrochloric acid, acid etch, and more.
3. Sealing: The piston pump of the tank is sealed with a ring that can withstand very high pressure.
4. Virgin Plastic: This is a brand new plastic that has never been recycled. Recycled plastic is not as strong as virgin plastic and these sprayers require strong virgin plastic in the manufacturing process.