Built for comfort and ease of use, the backpack sprayer is becoming the tool of choice for landscapers, gardeners and pest control experts, as well as those at home who just want to enjoy a weed- and insect-free outdoor space. The backpack sprayer's ergonomic design features an adjustable shoulder strap and spray wand, allowing you to carry fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or other liquids on your back instead of lugging a heavy metal cart or handheld sprayer.

Before choosing the first hobbyist or professional backpack sprayer you see, take some time to familiarize yourself with the various product factors that may lead you to the right decision. Consider the pressure (psi), tank capacity, type of liquid delivery system, and type of pump used to pressurize the backpack sprayer.

Backpack sprayers are useful tools for quickly and effectively treating yards and gardens with liquid fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides. But to ensure you don't overspray or underspray an area, it's important to maintain the same walking speed and distance to your target during use.

Additionally, users should ensure that the backpack sprayer is properly pressurized at all times so that it is easier to maintain an even spray pressure. By taking the time to balance stress, the same amount of solution will be applied to each area of the yard and garden.

Before starting to use the backpack sprayer, please adjust the shoulder straps so that the unit fits properly. You don't want to be dealing with constantly moving fertilizer, water or pesticide tanks while you work because controlling the moving weight requires extra effort, increasing fatigue. In general, remember to:
1. Maintain an even walking pace.
2. Balance spray pressure.
3. Adjust the straps before use to ensure a secure fit.