Plastic trigger sprayers were first used as spray pumps to allow a variety of commercial and household liquid products to be distributed to households through retail stores. Trigger sprayers are usually made of a variety of plastics and can be used for water-based and chemical liquids. The trigger sprayer is connected to a compatible spray bottle, and when the consumer squeezes the pump handle on the trigger, the contents can be dispersed.

Trigger sprayers are most commonly used in household cleaning products such as disinfectants, floor and surface cleaners. One of the main benefits of using a trigger sprayer is the ability to control the amount of content dispensed. The nozzle can be adjusted to produce a fine spray or jet for dispensing liquid. Another benefit is that the trigger sprayer comes in a variety of colors and sizes. This makes it easier for consumers to identify different products.

In terms of consumer experience, nozzles are a great feature. This allows consumers to control how the product is distributed. There are many options for nozzles. You can provide consumers with nozzle options that allow your product to spray, flow, spray, or put it in the closed position, or choose a nozzle that just needs to be turned off. The trigger sprayer is made of a variety of materials. If choosing a more sustainable trigger sprayer is important to you, then consider using PCR technology on some materials to make multiple components, such as shields, closures, and triggers.