The lawn and garden industry has grown over the past few years, and as millennials outpace the real estate market and baby boomers need more help maintaining their lawns, the need for landscaping services is greater than ever.

Despite steady growth, landscaping companies and garden centers still cite labor shortages as their top concern. Recruiting quality candidates, especially millennials and Gen Z, is the focus of many professionals in the lawn and garden industry. While hiring is critical, it also takes time, and work must continue.

Even if labor is not a major concern, lawn and garden professionals may need to utilize different methods to increase productivity to meet growing business demands.

3 reasons to use a battery sprayer:
1. Increase productivity. While electric sprayers aren't a replacement for actual workers, they can increase productivity. Electric sprayers are just as portable and efficient as traditional pump sprayers.
2. Be quiet. Electric sprayers are quiet and ideal for spraying in residential areas.
3. Environmentally friendly. Typically, electric sprayers run on lithium-ion batteries, which emit less waste or pollution.

The efficiency of battery sprayers can increase worker productivity. Other added benefits of battery sprayers include noise and emission-free features, which are especially attractive to customers. These two features guarantee a clean and quiet experience, which many customers prefer over devices that are noisy or polluting.