A pressure sprayer is a great tool for spraying chemicals to lawns and gardens. From fertilizers to herbicides and fungicides to pesticides, sprayers are ideal for year-round landscaping needs. Sometimes you just need a portable water source, keep your pressure sprayer in mind at times like this. Adjustable nozzles provide controlled dispensing of the desired amount for the task at hand.

These are for gardeners who don't need a lot of spraying, and they're small and lightweight. All good sprayers come with atomizing, directional spraying, dual-action spraying, and locking triggers to reduce user fatigue. A good garden sprayer is chemically resistant.

Gardeners often spray pesticides and herbicides, which are extremely harsh chemicals, but even good organic herbicides can be very harsh because they can be over 50% ascorbic acid, not as high as synthetic vinegar 4 %.

Continuous flow is something you can't go back to once you use it, and with 3D Flex, you can operate continuously in all positions. A good garden sprayer's safety valve is usually integrated into the head of the garden sprayer because it allows you to control the pressure in the sprayer's tank. Adjustable nozzles allow for different spray angles for hard-to-access areas and field treatments.