In your hydroponic garden, you may encounter times when you need to break out a Battery sprayer to apply fluids to the foliage directly—some fertilizers work best when you apply them to the leaves. Whether you need a smaller, handheld sprayer or a large, back-mounted variety, choosing a battery-powered sprayer will make feeding your plants a breeze. If you’re not entirely sold on electric sprayers, consider these reasons to get a battery-operated garden sprayer to see how it’ll make your life easier.

No Pumping Necessary
One of the most annoying parts of a traditional garden sprayer is pumping it to build pressure. Sometimes, it can feel like you have to pump longer than the length of time you get to spray the plants!

With a rechargeable electric garden sprayer, you no longer need to worry about stopping everything to pump up the pressure. The battery-powered nozzle will give you fluid when you need it most. You can also switch the nozzle to different spray options to provide you with a mist or stream.

Quieter Than Traditional Sprayers
Not only is pumping more labor-intensive, but it also makes a lot of noise! Electric garden sprayers are practically silent as you spray down your plants. This makes battery-operated sprayers an excellent option in heavily populated residential areas where noise could mean issues with your neighbors. Save both your neighbors’ ears and your own by spraying with a soundless battery-powered motor.

Long Battery Life for Uninterrupted Watering
Above, we mentioned how a battery-powered water sprayer doesn’t require any pumping to build pressure—but how long the battery lasts is also an essential factor. High-quality, rechargeable twelve-volt batteries will last you over two hours without a recharge; five-volt batteries last two hours exactly. As long as you remember to take the battery off the charger when it’s full, you can maintain this battery life for years after you first purchase it.

If you want to spend less time feeding your plants or protecting them from pests, streamline the process by choosing an electric garden sprayer instead of a pump sprayer. Not only is the speed one of the best reasons to get a battery-operated garden sprayer, but you’ll also save your hands from cramping due to repeat pumping motions!